There is a common misconception that Made to Measure Suits are the equivalent to Custom Made Suits.  This is because salesmen in stores that sell only Made to Measure Suits make it sound like they are the same however Made to Measure Suits come in a base pattern and it is altered to fit the customer.  


Only 10 measurements are taken for Made to Measure Suits compared to 26 for a Custom Made Suit.  Made to Measure Suit measurements only determine the amount of fabric that is attached to the generic base pattern of the suit,  whereas with a Custom Suit the base pattern is created anew for each customer.  

No matter what body type a customer has a Custom Suit will always fit perfectly because it is made precisely for his body.

The Clothes Fit Better 
Contoured to Your Body

Huge Selection 
10,000 Fabrics Available

World Class Wools 
Zegna, Loro Piana & Other Fine Mills

World Class Shirt Fabrics 
Sea Island & Egyptian Cotton

You Design the Garment 
Give It Your Personal Touch

Superior Construction 
Thread, Stitching, Linings

We Do Everything 
We Come to You, Delivery, Alterations

Delivery Time 
Production takes 4-8 weeks